Once upon a time in the last millennia someone said “It takes a village to raise a child”.

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At Matakana School we are reminded of this saying as we think about our beautiful Matakana Village and the vibrant community surrounding our school. Our school and community have a deeply entwined and rich history - spanning over 150 years - which is reflected in our school families. When you ask anyone involved in our school to speak about us, the golden thread that ties it all together always emerges namely ‘community’. When you choose us you are choosing not just a school but a thriving ‘community’ in which to raise your child.

Our community reflects a diverse 21st century village and our school reflects a commitment to 21st century learning. Our ideas about learning are clearly embedded in Matakana Magic. This is our way of ensuring our students are confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Our teachers are dedicated, passionate about learning and committed to taking students beyond expectations! Our exciting school curriculum is centred on our Kowhai Inquiry Learning Model and is real, rich, relevant and respectful. We are focussed on student achievement and proud of our quality literacy and numeracy practices. Effective reporting programmes are in place to ensure parents are fully informed about progress and achievement in all areas of the curriculum with special emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy.

We celebrate the diversity of our students. Understanding and catering for this diversity is reflected in our Special Needs Castle and GATE programmes. Together with extra-curricular classes after school we aim to encourage new learning and develop strengths and talents. Our students can take part in dance, drama, guitar, piano, karate and swimming classes. Our parents pool their expertise to coach school teams in hockey, touch, netball and soccer.

We live in a wonderful part of New Zealand with beaches, agriculture and forests right on our doorstep. These places and the people who live and work there are visited and utilised in our learning – we make Science come alive. Our exciting school camps take place at naturally beautiful places like Mangawhai, Kawau Island and our own beautiful school grounds.

Yet at Matakana School we also understand that we are part of a global village and therefore have responsibilities to look outwards, open our school walls and take part in the exciting learning environment that is available to us through technology and e-learning. We believe our students will be able to use their Matakana Magic in order to actively and responsibly take part in the community.

Beautiful Orcas at Omaha

Beautiful Orcas at Omaha

Our contribution and responsibility to our local community are heightened by our school values and practically demonstrated as we contribute to community projects such as the Omaha to Matakana walkway by planting seedling trees. We are a Wastewise and Travelwise school which heightens our awareness of how we can become part of the solution to keep our children safe.  Our students have strong ties to community organisations such as the Omaha Life Saving Club. Our global contributions include our sister school in Rusinga Island in Kenya and taking part in the World Vision Famine appeal. 

Our students are encouraged to be active thinkers who are able to discuss their ideas and learning with others.  We invite you to visit us.  Meet our students and ask them why you should choose us.