Matakana School is a Gold TravelWise school.  TravelWise is an ongoing project with a set of practical actions that aim to improve road safety and promote sustainable school travel journeys. It is a partnership between Auckland Regional Transport Authority, Auckland Council, and Matakana School. Our school is committed to safe, active and sustainable travel to and from school.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced traffic congestion at the school gates, this improves safety for all children

  • Reduction of polluting car emissions in the environment

  • Helping children learn road safety skills and become familiar with their community

  • Improved engineering infrastructure to promote walking/cycling within the school zone

  • Encouraging walking/scootering to improve children’s fitness and health

  • Encouraging walking/scootering to ensure that children arrive alert and ready to learn

  • Promoting the Walking School Bus

There are so many options for planning your child’s travel to and from Matakana School. Please contact the School Office for more information. 

TravelWise:  Buses

If you wish your child to use the bus system, it is wise to come along to the school prior to using the service (at about 2.30pm when the bus arrives) and chat to the bus driver so they know your child will be using the service.  Please also chat to your child’s teacher so they are aware.  The first time your child uses this service, you may wish to come along and ensure your child is comfortable with the process.  If you have any concerns or queries with the bus service, please contact the School Bus Controller Maryann Steel.  Please inform your child that there is a Matakana School Bus Monitor on the bus and if they have a problem while on the bus, they must see this student.  Some parents choose to add notes to school lunch boxes or a tag on their school bag as a reminder their child is using the bus. 

TravelWise:  Kiss, Drop and Drive

If you travel to school by car, please use the ‘office’ entrance of the school. There is a 'Kiss, Drop and Drive’ point and this should be utilised for quick drop offs. Please ensure your child is seated on the left hand side of the car and exits on the path side.  If you intend to stay at the school for a longer length of time, please park in the community carpark.  

TravelWise:  Parking

Please use the community carpark on the Matakana Village side of the school if you are collecting your child from the school grounds after school.  The small carpark adjacent to the office for school staff only. 

Change of travel arrangements

Please make sure your child is aware of any changes to their normal travel routine.  Some examples which parents/caregivers do to remind their children is include a note in their child’s lunchbox or attach a tag to their bag.  If there is an unforeseen change to your child’s travel plan, please contact the school office before 2.15pm and we will get a note to your child. 

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