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Accidents at School

Parents will be advised of any injury to children where staff consider the injury sufficiently serious. Parents must provide the school with emergency contact numbers and update these accordingly if circumstances change.


The school is visited by a mobile dental clinic.  A complete dental service is available.  All dental queries to 09 422 2714.

General Health

All teachers and staff undergo regular first aid training and have completed a course of instruction in CPR and First Aid for the school environment.  The Office Manager is responsible for the Recovery Room in the school. In the case of a serious accident or illness the parents/caregiver will be contacted and appropriate arrangements will be made for the child's care, until the parent/caregiver arrives to take the child home.  

It is the parent’s responsibility to update us on any changes in medical conditions. Please see the school office if your child requires medicine during school.

Hearing and Vision 

Testing for new entrants is carried out each term by a team from Waitemata Health.  Parents are notified after their child has been checked.  For any other health concerns including speech please contact your child’s teacher, SENCO or Public Health Nurse on 422 2700.


The school will notify parents via newsletter/letter/website of any information that is passed to us from the Ministry of Education regarding any notifiable diseases, for a current list of these diseases please see the MOE website.  We will also, as a school via newsletter/letter/website, notify if we have an outbreak of localised notifiable diseases as per the MoE website guidelines. Chicken Pox although not a 'notifiable disease' by the MOE the school will notify via the App when we have our first confirmed case. 


Matakana School is a SunSmart school.  Students must wear sun hats when they are outside in Terms 1 and 4. The school sunhat is also optional in Terms 2 and 3. They are expected to wear their hats to and from school. Children who do not remember to bring their hat will be required to stay in a shaded area.  

You can help by ensuring your child has their hat and has also applied sunscreen in the morning before school. School will have sunscreen lotion available for children to use at designated stations during break times, but if your child requires a particular brand, please pack it in your child’s school bag daily.