At Matakana School, we aim to foster a love for movement by promoting active participation, skill development and, most importantly, having fun in sport. We have developed a number of programmes to ensure that Health and Physical education is covered thoroughly and that student wellbeing is at the centre of our school culture.

At the start of each year, students engage in the ‘Ready, Steady, Go!” unit, that aims to kick start the year with a range of useful life lessons, while settling back into school routines and expectations. Topics such as dental health, first aid, quad bike safety and sun safety are covered, with the support of local community organisations.

The MMM program (making movement matter), places great value on engaging students in regular physical activity that not only develops their movement skills, but promotes the development of their confidence, endurance, sportsmanship and overall academic performance. Over the years, staff have also been fortunate to develop their coaching skills with the support of an experienced Sports Coach Tony Mordaunt.

Matakana School has the great facility of two asphalt courts, a field, two playgrounds, a pool and a running track and sports gear is rotated around classrooms on a weekly basis to make equipment accessible and multivarious.

During Term 1 and 4, teachers take students for structured swimming lessons using the SwimSafe Program and a pool key is available from the office to make use of this facility during the summer holidays. During Terms 2 and 3, students in Year 0 & 1 are taken through the PMP (Perceptual Motor Program), which focuses on the vital development of fine and gross motor skills through a range of structured tasks and activities.

While we believe having fun is at the core of our Physical Education programs, we enthusiastically compete in many inter-school events such as swimming, netball, hockey, rugby, athletics, cross country, tabloids and ripper rugby. We also provide three sailing days for our students through the ‘Sailing. Have a go!” program.

While we understand that a great proportion of students will not become professional athletes, we pride ourselves in ensuring that all students are inspired to improve their academic importance, as well as, leave us equipped with valuable life lessons.

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