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Matakana School is proud to report on and celebrate student achievement.  The ‘Reporting to Parents’ cycle and documents on National Standards achievement is above.  

We are privileged to have a number of special ways to acknowledge student achievement.

Plume Playground Award  

Our Duty Teachers and Peer Mediators award the Plume Playground Award to a student who has been M.A.G.I.C in the playground during morning tea or lunch time break. This award encourages students to exemplify being Mature and Caring.  Proudly sponsored by Plume Cafe.

Magic Person of the Week Award  

We acknowledge one special M.A.G.I.C student at our assembly.  The student is awarded this accolade as they have been Mature, Articulate, Goal Driven, Inquiring or Caring throughout the week.  Proudly sponsored by The Stables Restaurant & Smiths.

Creative Kid   

From a special story to a piece of art or dance, teachers celebrate creativity.  Proudly sponsored by Brick Bay and Matakana Cinemas.

Sports Star of the Week Award    

Teachers celebrate sporting participation and achievement.  Proudly sponsored by Summer Sessions.

Pizza with the Principal  

A highly sought after accolade at Matakana School is being invited to the “Pizza with the Principal”.  Each month, teachers nominate one student from their classroom to meet and have lunch with Principal Darrel Goosen.  Mr Goosen visits each classroom and announces and presents the student with their invitation. It is a sort after invitation and accolade and a perfect way for our Principal to meet and acknowledge these special students.  Proudly sponsored by The Stables Restaurant & Smiths.