Leadership opportunities are offered to our Year 5 and Year 6 students.  

The School Leaders for 2019 are:

Dev Darji, Eva Fitzgerald, Bella Gibson and Zachary Boss

Our four School Leaders are positive role models who exemplify the Matakana Magic ethos for all our school students. These students work alongside our school Management team to improve our school.  They are a communication link between students and teachers and a very important role as they give the students a voice. They arrange and help with school events such as parent evenings and special school functions/activities.

There are 16 House Leaders and they are given the training and the opportunity to build on skills pertaining to a good leader. These students are given opportunities to develop their organisation, comparing, communication, and cooperative skills. They organise and run house assemblies, games sessions at morning tea once a week, fundraising activities and support adults in running school events. These students are also peer mediators and understand their position as role models.

The House Leaders for 2019 are:

Blue / Kotare: Dylan M, Christian A, Emilie J & Poppy C

Green / Kiwi: Ed J, Morley S, Matai O & Abby H

Orange / Tui: Logan F, Naitik P, Frankie H & Ava R

White / Weka: Olly G, Louis G, Hattie C & Ruby C

For information regarding our School Leader, House leader and all other student leadership roles please see "Extension Programmes" under the curriculum tab