“Not everything that counts can be counted. Not everything that can be counted counts.” – Albert Einstein


Maths is not just about numbers.  It is about developing ‘maths sense’, that is, thinking logically, finding patterns and looking for links.

In 2016, Matakana School adopted PR1ME Mathematics, with a view to developing an even more robust and consistent school-wide mathematics program. PR1ME mathematics is based on a number of approaches used by the top-performing nations in mathematics. It approaches the teaching of mathematics on the basis of 2 guiding principles:

  1. Teaching mathematics needs to build understanding and reasoning for its application in problem solving

  2. Teaching mathematics should progressively build on students’ knowledge and interests

The PR1ME program is delivered by teachers with the use of a course book, where the teaching of concepts are carefully structured and build up from one level to the next to achieve mastery. Alongside the course book, teachers use a ‘teacher guide’, which supports them in being able to understand the wider connections between the facts, concepts, structures and practises they are teaching students. Students are each required to have a practise book (purchased from the school office) which gives them the space to practise what they are learning.

In order to ensure that consistency and concept coverage across Matakana School, we have introduced the ‘golden maths hour’, whereby mathematics is taught for one hour five days a week in year 2 - 6 classes and 45 minutes four days a week for our year 0/1 classes.

We are already delighted to see our students increased enjoyment for mathematics and are convinced this will see an overall increase in mathematics achievement school-wide.