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How our House System operates

At Matakana School, the intention is for the House system to add to our school culture and encourage a sense of team spirit and healthy competition. Each year, sixteen new house leaders are assigned to lead the four Houses: Blue/Kotare, Green/Kiwi, Orange/Tui and White/Weka. Four leaders are assigned to each house and they are responsible for running House assemblies, competitions, fundraising activities and events. They also support teachers and younger children through their role as peer mediators.

The House system recognises the importance of sport and values, which is represented by two cups: the House Sporting Cup and The Spirit House Cup. The sporting cup encourages children to participate and compete for their House. The Spirit House cup encourages kindness, behaviours and values encompassed by Matakana M.A.G.I.C.

Upon enrolment at Matakana School, your child will be assigned a House Colour. At an assembly, your child will be presented with a certificate to welcome them to our school and their assigned house. You may wish to liaise with your teacher on when the certificate will be presented. Siblings are placed in the same house.  

Throughout the year, we run various house competitions as well as house activities often organised and run by the house leaders themselves. Points are awarded for school spirit, participation and achievements in house activities.  

To build the house spirit, we encourage students to wear house t-shirts. These can be purchased from the uniform shop and must be worn with either the school skort or shorts at house related events/assemblies.  No mufti clothes to be worn on house days.  

We look forward to seeing you cheer on our talented students during the many house events throughout the year!