Our vision for Science at Matakana School is for students to develop a library of experiences to nurture curiosity. Students are encouraged to explore the natural and physical world around them by developing the skill of observation, critical thinking and making connections so they can participate as informed and responsible citizen in a world where science plays a significant role.

Science days were introduced at Matakana School in 2014 where students engaged in ‘hands-on’ science experiments during each theme week throughout the year. Science kits rotate around classrooms, with a range of simple, yet fun investigations to trigger observing, inferring, explaining and possibly seeing patterns in science.

Additionally, science strands are woven throughout our integrated studies units. Students learn scientific concepts by trying to answer some ‘BIG QUESTIONS’ (as referred to by Sugata Mitra) that run as themes for each integrated unit. In one such unit, students thoroughly enjoyed exploring the concept of floating and sinking by trying to find the answer to the question ‘if one marble sinks, why does a ship full of marbles float?”

Want to know what interesting science concepts your child will enjoy learning about this year? Look at our curriculum overview so find out!

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“An experiment is a question which science poses to Nature and a measurement is the recording of Nature’s answer” – Max Planck (1858 – 1947)