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Supporting Local Business

This is what our major fundraising events mean to us here at Matakana School.

Parent help and volunteering in classroom, at class trips, fundraisers and camps is encouraged at Matakana School.  Past parents have shown their passion for fundraising events - the history is right here - our students enjoy playing on our junior and senior playgrounds, have a pool and it's heated, enjoy a morning run around our running track and love performing in our community hall.

We are proud to support charitable organisations and their fundraising events  - Daffodil day - The Cancer Society, 40 Hour Famine - World Vision and our sister school in Kenya. 

 To be part of our fundraising events or for more information, email 

Fundraising Focus

For the past 3 to 4 years, the Board of Trustees have been working towards creating an Outdoor Covered Learning and Play Area for our students. Towards the end of last year, the Board formally approved the go-ahead of this project. The idea originated from feedback our Principal, Darrel Goosen, received from students that they would like to be able to play outside when it is raining and not have to sit in the classrooms. Darrel took the idea a bit further and realised that the school also had no shaded area for students to play in during the height of summer. The courts and the field, although great big spaces for students to play on, had no shaded area, so often the kids would get extremely hot playing out there. This sort of facility is becoming common place in schools all around the country, where the importance of sun protection during play is being acknowledged. An outdoor covered area will provide a permanent shade structure for our students and will transform the back netball court into an all weather teaching and play environment. It will create a valuable new asset for the school that can be used for all year round, PE lessons, sports practices, assemblies, cultural events, performances and a play area during breaks under shade and out of the rain. The wider Matakana community, like local community sports groups, will also benefit from the use of this new facility. The cost of this covered area is expensive. Currently, we are looking at quotes in the region of $300,000 to $350,000. Yes! This is a huge amount of money. The board intends to fund this sum by applying for grants for about half the cost, so about $175,000. That leaves around $175,000 to be made up by the school, of which $50,000 has already been fundraised and allocated towards this project. The balance, being around $125,000 will need to be fundraised. We anticipate fundraising for this project to take a few years. The CRFS team have come up with a wonderful initiative in the form of the Matakana Artisan Cookbook to help raise funds towards this covered area. The CRFS will also work closely with the local Matakana community to contribute recipes and sponsorship for this project. The board asks that our school community get behind the Outdoor Covered Learning and Play Area and help us bring this facility to life. This project cannot be done without your support and commitment. Below is an initial concept design of what we hope the Outdoor Covered Learning and Play Area will look like. Please note that this image does not yet include the astro turf we would like to lay down to increase the usability of the facility



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