The Matakana School Board of Trustees follows the Ministry of Education enrolment scheme under section 11H(1) of the Education Act 1989.


Matakana School also introduced Cohort Entry at the start of 2018.

COHORT ENTRY (attachment 1 at the bottom)

Our aim is to ensure our enrolment process runs as smoothly as possible, and we try to keep you informed every step of the way.

We have a School Tour once a term. This is an ideal time to chat to our Deputy Principal and to view the school in action, including our classrooms, facilities and to be introduced to the Vision we have for children that are at our school. Children are welcome.  

If you would like to attend one of the School Tours, please book here



 Our Process

Step 1:  Complete an Expression of Interest form.

Your application will be included in the appropriate enrolment process for either an ‘in zone’ or an ‘out of zone’ place. (Please ensure you bring proof of your address if you are applying for an in zone placement such as your rates bill or your tenancy agreement)  

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM in Zone (attachment 2 at the bottom)

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM Out of Zone (attachment 3 at the bottom)

ENROLMENT PROCESS INFORMATION Out of Zone (attachment 4 at the bottom)

ZONE MAP AND DESCRIPTION  (attachment 5 & 6 at the bottom)

Step 2:  The term before your child is due to start school.

You will receive a letter and an enrolment booklet.

Please return this booklet to the school as soon as possible and ensure it is completed entirely (even the pre-school and dental information, as we are not forwarded this).  

You will also need to bring your child's ID (birth certificate, passport or appropriate visa) and your child’s immunisation certificate.

Please also check you have all the relevant items ready for your child's first day of school, including uniform and required stationery items, our office staff can help you with these.

Step 3: School Visits (for new entrants only)  

Your child will be invited to join the class they are going into, this will be split over three consecutive days.

These visits allow your child to spend time with their new teacher, fellow pupils and to become familiar with the school and the routines. It is a special time, and we encourage parents to stay for the 1st visit.

On the 2nd and 3rd visits we encourage your child to attend independently so they will become aware of what the expectation is once they attend school full-time. (A letter containing the dates and times of these visits will be sent out to you.)

1st visit:  8.45am-11.00am.

You are most welcome to stay for this visit.

As this concludes after morning tea, please provide your child with a small healthy snack.

2nd visit:  8.45am-12.30pm.

This visit concludes at the start of lunchtime, a small healthy morning tea will be required.

3rd visit:  8.45am-1.30pm.

Concludes after lunch therefore please provide a healthy morning tea and lunch.

Step 4: On The Big Day

Please arrive at the school office at 8.30am on your child's first day so you have time to familiarise yourselves with the classroom and their Teacher.

Attend a PTA Welcome Morning Tea

This is a perfect opportunity to find out more about the school and meet other parents /caregivers who students have started around the same time as you.

An invitation will be sent to you via your child's school bag.

Additional Information

If your child has been enrolled at another school, please bring as much information as possible with you as this will make the enrolment process easier.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Elke Metzler our Student Administrator on 09 422 7309 or e.metzler@matakana.school.nz.   

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2. Matakana School Expression of Interest Form INZN.pdf157.91 KB
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4. Enrolment Process Information for Out of Zone Families.pdf68.35 KB
5. Enrolment Zone Map.pdf336.53 KB
6. Enrolment Zone Description.pdf446.46 KB
Enrolment Zone Info and FAQ.pdf148.21 KB